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Disinfectant Fogger

The CAREMiLE FluGUN series are electric spray guns that dispense an ultra-low volume mist of disinfectant steam.

A safe disinfection experience.

The steam emitted from our FluGUNs is low-temperature steam. This ensures a safe disinfection experience without the danger of scalding.

Micro-sized but powerful.

The smaller the steam particle, the larger the area the disinfection mist is able to cover post-emission.

Two different models for the right occasions.

Whether you need to frequently disinfect large spaces like public facilities or be able to easily disinfect the back of your car, pick the model that works for you.

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Disinfectant Fogger

The CM-FL01 provides for a packed and powerful disinfection experience. 

Meant for heavy-duty use, the model is perfect for disinfecting public facilities and large spaces while plugged into a power outlet.


This model covers a distance of 5-7 meters and has a disinfectant tank volume of 1.2 liters. 

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Cordless Disinfectant Fogger


The CM-FL02 is a compact and wireless disinfectant spray gun that allows for disinfection on the go. Meant for mobile use, the model is perfect for smaller indoor settings and compact spaces like vehicles. 

With a run time of 30 minutes when fully charged, the model covers a distance of 2-3 meters and has a disinfectant tank capacity of 200 ml. This model comes along with a charging station.

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