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CM-FL01 is a standard model of CAREMiLE FLUGUN series

with covering capability of 5~7m distance, container volume of 1.2L and wired, which is most suitable for multiuse facilities.

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플루건 01 .png



CM-FL02 is a wireless model of CAREMiLE FLUGUN with covering range of 2~3m and volume capacity of 200ml, suitable for small indoors and vehicles.

플루건 확대 디테일_전원.jpg
플루건 디테일 밝게 확대.jpg

FLUGUN Features and Advantages

  • Ultra-microphic steam : Type UM LV , less than 20㎍ of steam. 

  • Low temperature steam: Steam, but not hot, rather cool (Adoption of Low Temperature Steam)

  • Drug efficiency : For the same amount of medicine, the smaller the particle size, the wider the response area.

  • Drug safety : Selection of a group of drugs that are harmless to the human body. 

  • "Code-Zero Wireless Type" is used indoors and outdoors. The detachable design of the container  makes it  more convenient. It is possible to spray a large area with ultra-fine particles for long distances.

Applicable cases and locations

  • Government offices: public health centers, public facilities, and infectious areas

  • Medical FacilitieEducational Facilities:  Schools, libraries, and childcare facilities for children

  • Places:  Hospitals Commercial Facilities: Hotels, movie theaters, karaoke, restaurants 

Direct Contact Info

*For inquiries,
please contact the following E-mail address

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