CAREMILE GATE (CM-G01) is COVID-19 Disinfection Gate

with Automated Real-Time Fever Detection & Sterilization System

Black Original (Matte) 

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[Standard] CM-G01BM

블랙 무광 와이드.png

[Wide] CM-G02BM

How Does it Work?

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1. The fever detection camera and

    motion sensor will automatically

    respond to the entrants approaching

    and detect the body temperature

2. Alarming sound and light will be      

   activated when high body temperature

   is detected

3. Disinfectant is sprayed on the entrants

    from eight nozzles

Gold Edition ( High Gloss ) 

골드 싱글.png

[Standard] CM-G01G

골드 와이드.png

[Wide] CM-G02G

This Edition is specially made with colored stainless.

Coloured stainless could give extra interior aesthetic to the space where the product will be installed.

Such as Hotel, Department store, Shopping mall, Cinema like a place needs to consider their interior. 

Black Edition ( High Gloss )

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[Standard] CM-G01S

블랙 유광 와이드.png

[Wide] CM-G02S

This product has outstanding hygienic feature. It has no colour with it but keeps material advantage as stainless steel.

Since it designed with raw material, Stainless Steel itself, has reasonable price in response to corona pandemics


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[ Setting Up Cables ]

 1. 1) Sensor cable for  solvent level  (In disinfection solvent tank)

     2) Supply line for disinfection solvent  (In disinfection solvent tank)

 2. Main Power Code

 3. Air compressor power cord

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