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Florida is seeing Covid-19 cases skyrocket among young people

Months ago, as the coronavirus was first spreading across the country, public health officials warned of the heightened risk it posed to older populations and those with underlying health conditions. According to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the median age of positive Covid-19 cases in March was 65 years old. But within the last week, it has dropped to 35 years old.

전, 코로나바이러스가 전국으로 처음 퍼졌을 때, 공중 보건 관계자들은 코로나바이러스가 노인 인구와 건강 상태에 바탕을 사람들에게 가해지는 위험의 증가에 대해 경고했다. 드샌티스 플로리다 주지사에 따르면 지난 3월 COVID-19 양성반응의 중위연령은 65세였다. 하지만 지난 주에는 35세로 떨어졌다.

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