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Lockdown secrets : Your coronavirus lockdown confessions

We've all had to sacrifice a lot while being stuck indoors. Some of you have new guilty secrets you wanted to share. Here are our readers' stories - we've chosen to keep them anonymous.

  • I submitted a presentation I had from work for my son's homework as he had forgotten to do it. He got amazing feedback.

  • I flashed my naked boobs at my hubby whilst he was on a work video call, forgetting that he was sitting in front of a mirror

  • I've got really drunk to forget how lonely I am

우리는 모두 실내에 갇혀 지내면서 많은 것들을 희생하고 있다. 몇몇은 새로운 죄책감을 털어 놓고 싶을 수 있다. 아래는 익명을 보장하기로 한 BBC 구독자들의 이야기들이다.

  • 전 아들이 깜빡한 숙제를 대신해 저의 직장에서 썼던 프레젠테이션을 과제로 제출했죠. 결과는 놀라웠죠.

  • 남편이 거울 앞에서 직장 비디오 콜하는 중이라는 것을 잊고 제 발가벗은 가슴을 비췄죠.

  • 제가 외롭다는 사실을 잊고자 술에 취했었어요.

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*Illustrations by Irene de la Torre

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