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Global distribution and marketing

We will connect Korea’s life care products to the world.

We will serve as a bridge to success not only in the domestic market but also globally.

We seamlessly connect A to Z
for the success of K-brands.

We will complete a successful business by establishing and controlling the entire process, from discovering excellent brands to marketing and distribution.

Discover excellent brands

We select only products that can be successful through analysis of target market needs.

PB business

Beauty / Inner Beauty / Medical Consumables and Hygiene Products / ODM&OEM Brand Development

Marketing Business Division

ATL&BTL business and local influencer collaboration marketing.

Online commerce Division

Launched on own online commerce platform/global D2C open platform.

Product Sourcing and Product Development

Product group

  • New material supply
  • medical equipment
  • medical supplies
  • beauty
  • inner beauty


  • Local experience group
  • Local influencer
  • DA / SA


  • Caremile D2C・B2C・B2B platform
  • Local online open market
  • Local offline distribution

Verification process for brand success

We have established a verification process to minimize opportunity costs and focus our capabilities on products that can be sold, and we select only competitive products by gathering opinions from local MDs and professional influencers built over the years.