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K-Beauty Platform

Beauty·inner beauty global commerce integrated platform

We provide integrated solutions for the successful global expansion of excellent domestic K-brands. Caremile’s experience and know-how, as well as distribution and marketing networks established around the world, serve as a platform for domestic K-brand companies.

Beauty·Inner Beauty Platform


Cosmetics and health food distribution
K-brand product discovery/distribution/marketing

Overseas distribution pioneering marketing service
Overseas distribution and marketing of K-brand beauty and quarantine products


Beauty·Living Products·Commerce·Marketing
Integrated domestic and international distribution and marketing platform for cosmetics and living products
  • Discovering excellent K-beauty
  • Domestic and international e-commerce operations
  • Domestic and international influencer matching service
  • Domestic and overseas KOC/KOL experience group service
  • BTL Marketing Support
  • Pioneering domestic and international distribution channels
  • Global commerce and distribution integrated platform