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CAREMiLE achieves more complete technical perfection and higher marketing effectiveness through close collaboration with global leaders in each business division.




Distribution partnerships with major global healthcare groups by continent

  • ・Remote medical treatment platform company located in L.A., USA

FLUGUN & GATE import, distribution

  • ・Paraguay’s No.2 pharmaceutical distribution group

Import and distribution of detection kits

  • ・America’s top three medical distribution groups
  • ・About 10 million distribution networks across the world
  • ・Medical products supplied to 75% of hospitals in the United States

Import and distribution of detection kits and medicines

  • ・Major Polish pharmaceutical company

  • ・Germany’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device distribution group
  • ・Operates over 300 distribution centers in 11 countries
  • ・Supplied to over 115,000 pharmacies, hospitals, and medical businesses

Import and distribution of detection kits and masks

  • ・Saudi Top 5 manufacturers and distributors
  • ・Distribution of medicines in the Middle East and Africa

  • ・Major South African pharmaceutical company

  • ・Japanese medical distribution group
  • ・Distribution of medicines, health foods, and medical devices

  • ・Philippine fintech, biotech, and pharmaceutical distribution group

  • ・Indonesian pharmaceutical distributor

  • ・Major Bangladesh pharmaceutical company

  • ・Australia’s largest medical and pharmaceutical product distributor