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Ukraine restoration project

The first step has been taken for Ukraine’s restoration project.

Establishment of local joint venture between ITOXI and Ukraine partners in 2023.

Ukraine Post-war Restoration Project Biz. Model

Caremile and its subsidiary ITOXI preparing to carry out post-war restoration projects based on local networks established during the Ukrainian and Polish government health care projects.

  • Export of Korean safety products (Detection kits, space quarantine devices, face shields, protective suit, etc.) to the Ukrainian and Polish governments
  • Total export performance in 2020: approximately 13 million dollars (approximately 17 billion won)
  • Establishment of local joint venture in Ukraine completed: ITOXI Ukraine Corp.
  • Divided into items during the war and items after the war

Before item

Healthcare products

Heavy equipment

Daily necessities

Non-combat military supplies

Prefab Modular

Homes and Schools

After item

Construction infrastructure

Communication and IT infrastructure

Grain and compensation trade

Achieved $13 million in exports to Ukraine and CIS regions in 2020

Korean-made quarantine supplies, medical devices, detection kits, space and personal quarantine supplies for the Ukrainian and Polish governments.

CIS-related project conducted by CEO Alex Cheon’s key personnel


  • Samsung Electronics Mobile / LG Electronics Smartphone Kazakhstan Official Dealer
  • Renault Samsung Motors official distribution vendor in Central Asia
  • CIS Regional Largest Steel Manufacturer Evraz Official Dealers


  • Establishment of a local network / communication equipment manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan
  • Job creation in Kazakhstan and History of the National Economic Achievement Award

Almaty City’s Best Quality Certification

Quality Management Conformity Certification

Certificates ST-KZ

Alatau Technopark Venture Certification


  • CJ E&M CIS region official distributor
  • Co-production of Ukraine’s first large-scale independent program scholarship quiz


  • Russia Poland LG Samsung related BTL marketing agency
  • Russia LG CUP soccer tournament
  • Poland LG CUP soccer tournament
  • Production of LG Scholarship Quiz Program in Russia
  • Kazakhstan LG 10th Anniversary Ceremony
  • Kazakhstan Russia LG new product launch show
  • Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan Promoter

Russia LG Cup Soccer Tournament (2002)

Poland LG Cup Soccer Tournament (1999)

LG Sponsorship of Russian Football Association (2002)

Russia LG Scholarship Quiz (2000)

Kazakhstan LG 10th Anniversary Ceremony (2004)

Kazakhstan LG New Product Presentation (2005)

Kazakhstan LG public service advertising campaign (2006)

Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan promoter operation